Journal of Materials Chemistry C is an interdisciplinary journal, publishing high impact work of international significance covering all areas of materials chemistry related to optical, magnetic and electronic devices. It is part of our market leading, high impact journal portfolio


Launched in 2013 from the split of the parent journal Journal of Materials Chemistry, it is now part of a family of three journals each focusing on a specific area of materials research allowing for a much more comprehensive coverage of the expanding materials field.  Its sister journals are Journal of Materials Chemistry A (materials for energy and sustainability) and Journal of Materials Chemistry B (materials for biology and medicine).

The journal’s scope is intentionally broad, covering all aspects of the production of materials or the properties or applications of materials related to display technologies, optical materials, magnetics, electronics or information storage technology.

Submissions to the journal should contain chemistry in a materials context. Work can be theoretical or experimental and must contain novelty in either the chemistry used to produce the materials or the properties and applications of the material.

Journal of Materials Chemistry C has received its first partial Impact Factor in summer 2015 and we are proud to announce that it is 4.696.  This is evidence of the high quality of the work published in our journal as the Impact Factor for a given year is determined by the number of citations in that year for work published in the previous two years.

Published weekly with 48 issues a year, each issue contains a mix of: Full papers that report original unpublished research; Review type articles (applications, highlights and reviews) that highlight areas of special excitement and progress in existing research; Communications which contain work of such importance that rapid publication is necessary, and Comments which are a medium for discussion and the exchange of scientific opinions.

Meet the team

Journal of Materials Chemistry C is produced by the Editorial Team based in Cambridge together with an international Editorial Board led by Deputy Editor-in-Chief Professor Peter Skabara (University of Strathclyde). The Journal of Materials Chemistry family has an Executive Editorial Board led by Professor Nazario Martin (Complutense University of Madrid) and consisting of two Editorial Board Members to represent each sister journal.

Editorial Team – Royal Society of Chemistry Cambridge Office, UK:

Fiona McKenzie, Executive Editor
Ruth Norris, Managing Editor
Sarah Thirkell, Development Editor

Will Dennis, Editorial Production Manager
Rachel Wood, Senior Publishing Editor
Polly-Anna Ashford, Publishing Editor
Emma Cooper, Publishing Editor
Amy Hazlehurst, Publishing Editor
Suzanne Howson, Publishing Editor
Laura King, Publishing Editor
Carole Martin, Publishing Editor
Carla Pegoraro, Publishing Editor
Emma Stephen, Publishing Editor
Polly Wilson, Publishing Editor
Jason Woolford, Publishing Editor
Ruth Zadik, Publishing Editor
Aliya Anwar, Publishing Assistant
Emily Finney, Publishing Assistant
Julie Ann Roszkowski, Publishing Assistant


Nazario Martin - Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Peter Skabara - University of Strathclyde, UK

Associate Editors

Gitti Frey, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Justin Holmes, University College Cork, Ireland
Luis Hueso, CIC nanoGUNE, Spain
Malika Jeffries-El, Boston University, USA
Neil Robertson, University of Edinburgh, UK
Federico Rosei, National Institute of Scientific Research, University of Quebec, Canada
Natalie Stingelin, Imperial College London, UK
Wai-Yeung Wong, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
Yadong Yin, University of California, Riverside, USA
Xiaowei Zhan, Peking University, China

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