Natural Product Reports(NPR) is one of the oldest journals published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, its covers being opened for the first time in 1984. Over the years it has been published it has become a much loved journal within the natural products community.

It is a review only journal that is published once a month. Its main aim is to stimulate progress in all areas of natural products research. This means that it publishes reviews on a very broad range of topics from the isolation of natural products to their structural and stereochemical determination as well as their (bio)synthesis and biological activity.

Natural products play a pivotal role in many areas of life and so are of interest to a vast array of research communities studying things such as enzymology, nucleic acids, genetics, chemical ecology, carbohydrates, metabolism and drug discovery. As such, many of our reviews discuss the role of natural products in the wider bioinorganic, bioorganic and chemical biology communities and how key developments in natural product research have influenced them.

Natural Product Reports publishes:

•    Reviews, which tend to be 10-25 pages in length and give a critical insight in key research areas.

•    Highlights, which are short (about 4-8 pages) shapshots of more specialist areas giving a brief overview to the field.

•    Viewpoints, which present a more personal outlook on some of the key challenges in natural products research. These tend to be 4 pages or less.

•    Hot off the press articles are bi-monthly articles written by Bob Hill and Andrew Sutherland at the University of Glasgow, UK. They highlight some of the most recent and most interesting natural products research that has been published. If you’re looking for recommendations of what papers to read then Hot off the press articles will definitely help you on your way.

The journal also publishes a number of themed issues each year dedicated to specific topics, such as Chemical Ecology, and Biosynthetic Assembly Lines.

The latest Impact Factor for NPR (calculated by the number of citations in 2014 to articles published in 2012 & 2013 divided by the number of articles published in 2012 & 2013) was 10.107. This means for the third year running it is the number one journal in the ‘Chemistry, Medicinal’ category and the number two journal in the ‘Chemistry, Organic’ category of the annual Journal Citation Reports.

Meet the team

Natural Product Reports is produced by the Editorial Team (based in Cambridge, UK), together with our very hands on Editorial Board composed of members of the natural products community from around the world and led by Editorial Board Chair Professor Bradley Moore.

Bradley Moore, University of California, San Diego, USA

Editorial board members
Ikuro Abe, University of Tokyo, Japan
Giovanni Appendino, Universita del Piemonte Orientale, Italy
Mark Broenstrup, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Braunschweig, Germany
Guy Carter, Carter-Bernan Consulting, New City, NY, USA
Greg Challis, University of Warwick, UK
Olga Genilloud, Fundación MEDINA, Spain
Simon Gibbons, University of London, UK
Julia Kubanek, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Wen Liu, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, China
Daniel Romo, Baylor University, USA
Janet Smith, University of Michigan, USA
Dirk Trauner, Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich, Germany

Editorial team - Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge Office, UK

Richard Kelly, Executive Editor
James Anson, Deputy Editor
Michaela Mühlberg, Development Editor
Helen Saxton, Editorial Production Manager
Nicola Burton, Publishing Editor
Zoe Karthauser, Publishing Editor
Elisa Meschini, Publishing Editor
Roxane Owen, Publishing Editor
Simon Rankmore, Publishing Editor
Donna Smith, Publishing Editor
Emily Finney, Publishing Assistant
Amy Cook, Publishing Assistant

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