Toxicology Research publishes toxicological research covering both chemical or biological aspects of toxic response and the mechanisms involved for chemicals found in drugs, food or the environment

Launched in 2012, Toxicology Research is a more specialised journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry. It publishes toxicological research covering both chemical or biological aspects of toxic response and the mechanisms involved for chemicals found in drugs, food or the environment. The readership of the journal includes researchers, educators and students.

Toxicology Research is the official journal of The British Toxicology Society and The Chinese Society of Toxicology and, as a result, publishes a large number of articles from around the globe. It covers research in biomarkers of toxicity, carcinogenesis and genotoxicity, computational and predictive toxicology, nanotoxicology, toxicology of chemicals on specific organs or systems, and also assessment of risk for hazard identification and regulatory purposes.

Toxicological research is crucial for the study of harmful effects of chemical, biological and physical agents in biological systems to determine the extent of damage to living organisms. An example of this can be drawn from the pharmaceutical industry, where toxicological assessment occurs routinely for the assessment of the chemical toxicity of drugs. The relationship between the dose of a drug and its effect on exposed organisms is highly significant to reduce the chance of side effects when the drug is administered to patients. Many factors can influence chemical toxicity including the dosage, route of exposure, species, sex and the environment.

Hot papers, those containing high impact science, are promoted through social media, and expanded as news stories in Chemistry World magazine.

Toxicology Research has an Impact factor of 3.983 and publishes 6 issues per year, with a mixture or article types including:

  • Communications, reporting preliminary research findings which justify urgent publication 
  • Full research articles
  • Review articles in topical areas of toxicology including Critical reviews, Mini reviews and Tutorial reviews   
  • Viewpoints, short articles which focus on some of the key challenges, issues or developments in toxicology research    

Meet the team

Toxicology Research is produced by a team of 10 editorial staff in Cambridge, UK together with our Editorial Board members based around the world.

Editorial Board Chair

Nigel Gooderham, Imperial College London, UK

Associate Editors

Frederik-Jan van Schooten, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Ping-Kun Zhou, Beijing Institute of Radiation Medicine, China

Members of the Editorial Board

Wen Chen, Sun Yat-sen University, China

Wolfgang Kreyling, Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany

William Pennie, Pfizer Inc, USA

Martin Philbert, University of Michigan, USA

Andy Smith, MRC Toxicology Unit, University of Leicester, UK

Heather Wallace, University of Aberdeen, UK

Editorial team - Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge Office, UK

Philippa Ross – Executive Editor

Sam Keltie – Managing Editor

Sarah Rogers – Development Editor

Sue Askey – Publishing Editor

Harriet Brewerton – Publishing Editor

Sarah Farley – Publishing Editor

Mary MacLeod – Publishing Editor

Ziva Whitelock – Publishing Editor

Charlotte Rowley – Publishing Assistant

Andrea Whiteside– Publishing Assistant

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