Chemistry Teaching Event Empowerment Fund

You could get up to £700 (€750) to fund your event and cover costs for your planning time

If you work in a school or college in the UK or Ireland, we can help you organise your own event to benefit local teachers or technicians, develop key leadership skills and build a network of colleagues you can share ideas and best practice with.

In response to Covid-19, we are currently only accepting applications for events to take place from January 2021 onwards, unless they are held online. 

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To apply to the Chemistry Teaching Empowerment Fund, your school needs to be signed up with Teach Chemistry.

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What funding and support is available?

  • Get up to £700 (€750) per application to help with event costs and up to one day of teaching cover for event planning.
  • Get advice from your local education coordinator to help you organise your event.
  • Publicise your event through the Royal Society of Chemistry’s newsletters and social media channels.

Who can apply?

  • You can apply to the fund if you’re a teacher of chemistry or science technician of students ages 11-18 in the UK or Ireland.
  • Your school needs to be signed up with Teach Chemistry and your proposed event needs to take place in the UK or Ireland.
  • We’d particularly like to hear from you if you work at a school facing challenging circumstances or a school in a rural area.
  • You don’t need to be a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry to apply.

Is your event eligible for funding?

You’ll need to show that:

  • The funding will enable you to run a new event or, if the event has run before, that funding will allow you to do something novel with it.
  • Your event will be open to staff at local schools and free for them to attend, benefitting at least five teachers across at least three schools*.
  • Your event will focus on improving the teaching of chemistry and/or fostering supportive, effective science departments.
  • You will evaluate your event to understand its impact - with guidance from the Royal Society of Chemistry.
  • Your local education coordinator will have an open invitation to attend the event so they can chat to attendees about how the Royal Society of Chemistry supports schools.

 *We can be flexible here for very rural schools. We can also help with advertising your event to local schools.

Restrictions on funding

  • Funding is restricted to £700 (€750) per school, per calendar year.
  • A maximum of £300 (€330) can be used for teaching cover so that you can plan the event.
  • Funding must be used for teacher-facing events.

Picture of two teachers working together

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Inspiration for your event

Successful past events include:

  • Networking events - networking with STEM ambassadors.
  • Training events -  practical skills training days.
  • Projects -  working groups to make teaching resources for new curriculums.
  • Teach meets - evening events focussing on a particular topic.

Explore the case studies below to find out how teachers organised their events, and what they got out of it.

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Daniel’s A-level practical skills training event

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