This collection of video resources is suitable for 16–18 year olds, covering key techniques and apparatus

Videos with supporting resources 

Our core practical videos with supporting resources are available for: 

We have collated and created these video resources to support the remote and in-person teaching of some common practical topics for A-levels in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Scottish Higher and Advanced Highers and the Republic of Ireland Leaving Certificate. There is a much greater variety of practical techniques and investigations on the syllabus for 16–18 year olds across each of the regions, compared to the core practical activities for 14–16 year-old learners. While some practicals are common across all exam boards, there can be differences in approach and learning outcome.

Use the videos to …

  • prepare before running the practical: see all the steps clearly laid out, alongside teacher and technician notes.

  • introduce your learners to the experiment ahead of time through flipped learning, for more successful practical work.

  • revisit experiment methods and results quickly and easily for consolidation and revision.

Alongside the videos you will find supporting resources including key terms, integrated instructions, pause-and-think questions and much more.