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  • Electronic components connected by wires

    Build your own spectrophotometer


    By designing and building their own visible-light spectrophotometers, students get to grips with the underlying principles of this widely used analytical tool

  • Nagyvary Box image

    Investigating the secrets of the Stradivarius


    For the past 200 years violin makers around the world have sought to produce violins that would rival those of Stradivari and Guarneri made during 1700-50.

  • Scientist with test tubes

    Analytical chemistry makes the news


    University departments traditionally divided chemistry into inorganic, organic and physical subsets, with analytical chemistry sitting somewhere in between. But this is changing. The teaching of analytical chemistry is currently undergoing a renaissance in many universities.

  • A 3D illustration of the structure of a carbon nanotube, showing a hexagonal lattice forming a hollow cylinder

    Atoms and nanochemistry

    From practical experiments to model-building and presentations, discover activities to help 11–16 year olds learn about atoms, atomic imaging and nanochemistry.

  • A photograph of red, orange and gold fireworks exploding against the night sky, giving off smoke that appears to have a red colour

    The chemistry behind fireworks

    Discover practical experiments, a DART and other activities for 11–16 year olds, exploring key chemical concepts in the context of fireworks.