A bottle of liquid water in ice

Weird and wonderful water


Why the universal solvent is unlike any other liquid and its properties are still a mystery

Everyday science

Leaves on a tree turning red and yellow in the autumn

The chemistry behind leaves changing colour and falling from trees


Discover what causes the seasonal shift in foliage and how to use this as context when teaching colour changes

A close up of painting nails with blue polish

What’s in nail polish?


Uncover the polymers and pigments in liquid nail polishes, acrylics and gels

A firefly flying at night with its abdomen glowing

How do fireflies produce light?


Find out how fireflies and other creatures use bioluminescence

A tub of butter with a knife

Butter and margarine: what’s the difference?


Discover the chemistry and history of these so similar, but very different solidified emulsions

Wesleigh Dawsmith looking at a homemade remote control car

‘My passion is to inspire young people in STEM’

Meet Wesleigh Dawsmith, a DT technician, STEM ambassador and passionate advocate for science outreach

A man in a blue lab coat with red glasses in a modern laboratory

‘The best parts are working with enthusiastic students and that no two days are ever the same’

Meet Mike Hughes, a technical specialist who is passionate about chemistry teaching laboratories and technical education pathways

Calla lillies on a green background

How science can make burial, cremation and memorial greener


Does alkaline hydrolysis offer a more sustainable approach?

A futuristic young man eats sushi that has a freshness indicator on the pack while wearing a biosensor on his arm. Behind him is some colourful graphene

The many uses of nanomaterials


How scientists are using these chemical marvels to develop new biosensors, food testing systems and functional textiles

A picture of a running man made up of vitamin supplements

Vitamin supplements


What’s in them, why we need them and how you can use them to teach titration

Two firefighters tackling a blaze with a hose. They are wearing helmets and protective clothing.

Firefighting chemistry


From polymers to inorganic compounds, discover the remarkable science behind fighting fires

A small green inchworm caterpillar walking on a large red fruit

Alternatives to agrochemicals


Find out how developments in pest control will secure future food production

A cake on a stand with a piece taken out on a paper napkin. The cake is colourfully decorated and has sprinkles baked into the batter.

What links chemistry, cakes and colour?


Discover how regulations spoil the look of our sweet treats – and the chemistry behind it all