An underwater photograph from a shipwreck of some greenish curved bracelet-like manillas encrusted together

Surprise origin for Benin bronzes


Show students the unexpected journey of brass from northern Europe

Everyday science

A tub of butter with a knife

Butter and margarine: what’s the difference?


Discover the chemistry and history of these so similar, but very different solidified emulsions

A woman rinsing her mouth with mouthwash

Brush up on the science of mouthwash


What chemicals are in mouthwash and is the time you use it important?

A hand drawing the structure of propanol on a whiteboard

How do whiteboard markers work?


Learn about the chemistry behind whiteboards and pens – and how to clean their stains

A man working on a silicone mask for a film in a special effects workshop

What are Halloween costume masks made from?


Find out about the creative chemistry behind costume masks

Gill working in a lab

‘Outreach is a really important way to boost young people’s access to science’

Meet Gill Reid, incoming RSC president, inorganic chemistry whizz and fervent supporter of young people in the chemical sciences

A chemistry teacher in a practical lesson explaining to students

‘I love teaching chemical bonding’

Meet Emma Owens, a chemistry teacher with a passion for curriculum design, after-school science clubs and learning from others

A handwritten page from an old Chinese medicine book, a leaf of Artemesia plant, a molecule of Artesunate and Artesunate tablet packaging

From traditional remedies to modern medicines


Discover how chemists are developing breakthrough drugs from natural remedies

A micrograph of an insulating material showing the holes that trap air

The science behind sustainable home insulation

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Are plastics the best option for saving energy in our homes, as well as saving the planet?

A tomato in a fridge

How science will keep us cool


Discover the climate-friendly refrigeration technologies of the future

A storeroom with archive boxes

Cold case chemistry


Discover the advances in forensic science helping solve decades-old crimes

glow sticks

Decomposition in daily life


Introduce your students to some applications of decomposition reactions: clean energy, bleach and baking

A battery charging to become futuristic

Extraordinary electrodes


How the next generation of rechargeable batteries will be better, safer and greener