A paper watch with a digital display

This smartwatch will self-destruct


Delve into the dissolving device making recycling easier

Everyday science

A photo of a woman reacting to eating spicy food

Why chilli burns your mouth


How milk cools things down and water doesn’t

A cartoon of scientists working in a factory making human noses

Polymer chemistry is printing noses


Learn more about a novel application of polymer chemistry to help reconstruct the faces of skin cancer patients

An illustration of a fast charging station for cars

The race for fast-charging cars


Learn how chemists are redesigning batteries to create new, fast-charging options for the future electric cars

An illustration showing giant bottles of hand sanitizer chasing virus aliens in a city landscape

Battle of the hand sanitisers


Are quaternary ammonium compounds just as good at killing Covid-19 as alcohols?

Brent Murray professor of food colloids head and shoulders shot outdoors

‘My favourite colloids? English ale and clotted cream’


Meet Brent Murray, a food scientist with a passion for beer, ice cream, clotted cream and other food colloids

A photo of Katherine Curran working as a conservator at a museum

‘You don’t need to choose between the arts and science’


Meet Katherine Curran, a chemist applying her polymer know-how to the conservation of plastic museum objects

An illustration of people watching a bright meteor in the night sky

Meteorite chemistry


What is a meteorite made of? Studying the composition of meteors allows scientists to look back billions of years to before the birth of the solar system

A digital illustration of a drug bound to a DNA strand

Designing cancer drugs


How screening is used to develop targeted therapies that improve the lives of cancer patients

A cartoon of different examples of evaporation in everyday life

Evaporation in action


Boost your 11–14 students’ knowledge and understanding with this poster, fact sheet and practical activity

A photo of an industrial factory at night

Transition metal catalysts


How catalysis will be safer and more sustainable in the future

A photo of a melting ice cream cone with raspberry sauce and a flake

How ice cream is made


For a simple combination of milk, cream, sugar and flavourings, there is a lot of science involved in ice cream manufacture

An illustration of a heat pump, a rock and a piece of cake

Real-life contexts for thermodynamics


Use this infographic with your 16–18 students and get them working with thermochemistry, intermolecular forces and free energy