Test your students’ practical skills with these Schools’ Analyst past papers from 2017 covering skills such as making standard solutions.

Topics covered in each past paper:

East Anglia region QMUL

  • Determine Vitamin C content in a provided tablet.

East Anglia region UEA 

  • Standardisation of sodium hydroxide solution
  • Tiration of citric acid
  • Estimation of paracetamol in paracetamol tablets
  • Estimation of caffeine in filter coffee by HPLC.

North West region Liverpool 

  • Standardisation of sodium hydroxide solution
  • Determination of the active ingredient in commercially available analgesic tablets
  • Determination of caffeine content of ‘Energy Plus’ tablets by UV spectrophotometry
  • Identification of the contents of an analgesic tablet by TLC.

North West region Manchester 

  • Complexometric titration of various waters, milk and Lucozade.

South West region Plymouth

  • Calculation of the percentage of copper in a 1p coin
  • Determination of the amount of orthophosphate in river water.

Scottish region south 

  • Determination of quinine in tonic water
  • Titration of vinegar solution
  • Analysis of an unknown tablet using TLC.

South East region Kingston

  • Estimation of the mass of iron in ferrous sulfate tablets
  • Absorption spectra and the Beer-Lambert law
  • Determination of ethanol in an alcoholic beverage by GC.

North West region UCLAN 

  • Volumetric analysis of aspirin
  • Spectrophotometric analysis to determine the concentration of caffeine
  • TLC analysis of gas samples.

South West region Bristol 

  • Identification of unknown solutions using chemical tests (theoretical explanation)
  • Determination of iron content of tablets by titration.

Republic of Ireland (both centres)

  • Determination of vitamin C content of a fizzy drink by titration
  • Determination of the caffeine content of a fizzy drink by HPLC
  • Determination of the benzoic acid content of a fizzy drink using spectrophotometric procedure.

Scottish region Aberdeen 

  • Quantification of iron in iron tablets by titration
  • Quantification of iron in IrnBru by colorimetry
  • Analysis of unknown tablet using TLC.

North Wales region Bangor

  • Ethanol determination and potassium determination using spectrophotometric techniques .

Midlands region Nottingham

  • Isolation of the active organic compound in a tablet then recording the IR spectrum
  • Running a TLC analysis of the organic compound
  • Measuring the melting point of the organic compound and investigation of it’s solubility.

Northern Ireland region

  • Determination of the citric acid content of lemon juice
  • determination of the formula of oxalic acid crystals by redox titration
  • Colorimetric analysis of health supplements.

North West region all centres

  • Determination of copper by atomic absorption spectroscopy
  • Detection of the presence of metal ions by chromatography
  • Determination of aluminium by reacting it with catechol violet
  • Titration of analgesic tablets with a base.

Midlands region Wolverhampton

  • Using a spectroscopic method to determine concentration of the food colouring, sunset yellow, in the fizzy drink IrnBru,
  • Using a titrimetric method to determine the concentration of citric acid in lemonade
  • Using a chromatographic method to identify the organic components in lemonade and IrnBru.