Test your students’ analytical skills with these Schools’ Analyst past papers covering techniques such as titrations, thin layer chromatography and UV-visible spectroscopy

The topics covered in each paper are: 

North east:

  • Measure the acidity level of sprite using an acid base titration method
  • Find the iron content of ‘Irn-Bru’ using a spectrophotometric procedure
  • Determine the presence of a range of organic components using thin layer chromatography on both products.

East Anglia region

  • Determine the weight of vitamin C in multi-vitamin tablets using UV-visible spectroscopy and a titration
  • Determine the weight of zinc in the same tablets by inductively coupled plasma emission spectroscopy

North West region

  • Use atomic absorption spectroscopy spectroscopy and UV-visible spectroscopy to determine the concentration of copper in a drinking water sample