Nora Richardson

Nora Richardson is a curriculum lead, an experienced examiner and a chemistry teacher in Wales.

Nora Richardson is a curriculum lead for academic studies and advisor for UCAS clinical applications. An experienced examiner and peer inspector for Estyn, Nora thrives on teaching A-level chemistry and enjoys running science projects for various groups. 

  • Screenshots of the chemistry of iron teacher notes and student sheets and a carbon monoxide molecule

    The chemistry of iron | 16–18 years

    Practice questions give context to transition metal chemistry and equilibria using the examples of haemoglobin and iron 

  • Proteins index image

    Plant-based proteins | 16-18 years

    Name common amino acids and draw the structural formulas of dipeptides and tripeptides in this resource for 16-18 year old learners before considering how thin layer chromatography can be used to separate and analyse amino acids in a mixture.

  • A photo of reddish-brown smoke rising above a city, Beirut, indicating the presence of ammonium nitrate

    Beirut explosion


    How a warehouse of ammonium nitrate destroyed a capital city