Explore the chemistry of organic photovoltaics (organic solar cells) as a scientist from BASF explains the technology used in the Smart Forvision car.

Organic solar cells - video 1 (11+ years)

A scientist from BASF explains why new organic solar cells could be a cost-effective, sustainable energy source for the future, e.g. in electric cars.

Organic solar cells - video 2 (14+ years)

A BASF researcher demonstrates the latest in solar cell technology - organic photovoltaics - and explains their advantages versus silicon solar cells.

Organic solar cells - video 3 (16+ years)

Ingmar Bruder from BASF explains the science behind how organic photovoltaics work. These solar cells were used in the Smart Forvision concept car.

Organic solar cells - video (German/ Deutsch version)

Ingmar Bruder of BASF showcases organic solar cells (in German). Ingmar Bruder, Wissenschaftler bei der BASF, erläutert wie organische Solarzellen funktionieren und hergestellt werden und welche Rolle die Chemie dabei spielt.