This Teachers TV video looks at different elements in the Periodic Table and some properties they exhibit. The video also explains and demonstrates trends across the Periodic Table.

All of the experiments that were covered in the resources are in the video at the following times:

  • Physical properties of rubidium and caesium: 00:05:58 to 00:06:30
  • Reaction of sodium and chlorine: 00:06:47 to 00:07:04
  • Reaction of rubidium with water: 00:08:36 to 00:08:47
  • Reaction of caesium with water: 00:08:49 to 00:08:59
  • Physical appearance of halogens: 00:09:50 to 00:10:14
  • Reaction of fluorine with cotton wool: 00:12:10 to  00:12:15