Boost students’ literacy skills with some engaging cross-curricular science

An image showing a UV disinfectant robot

Source: © Cesar Manso/AFP/Getty Images

UV robots are just one way of harnessing the disinfecting powers of UV light

The use of UV radiation in fighting coronaviruses is extremely topical at the moment thanks to remarks by high-profile politicians. Use this relevant context to engage your students in some cross-curricular scientific reading. This comprehension exercise is aimed at ages 11–16.

Reading for purpose is an important skill for students and comprehension activities are familiar activities for younger pupils. As the type of activity is familiar to students from their primary education, this means the level of text provides the challenge. Students read the text carefully to find the answers to the questions, learning about the use of UV radiation in disinfection.

You can download the article text alongside the questions and answers either as a presentation to project for your class or as a question worksheet with separate answer sheet.

Use this activity alongside the Education in Chemistry article Can UV light help tackle the coronavirus?