A series of short videos of fun demonstrations about the chemistry of the gases in our atmosphere, taken from a lecture by Dr. Peter Wothers of the University of Cambridge.

It's a Gas: 12 - Respiration

See how carbon dioxide is made when we breathe!

It's a Gas: 13 - Properties of Carbon Dioxide

A few short, fun demonstrations exploring the properties of carbon dioxide.

It's a Gas: 14 - Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide

Showing how dangerous carbon monoxide gas is formed.

It's a Gas: 15 - Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher

Dramatic demonstration of how carbon dioxide can put out a fire!

It's a Gas: 16 - Sublimation

See how carbon dioxide turns straight from a solid into a gas!

It's a Gas: 17 - Liquid Carbon Dioxide

Watch Peter Wothers try to make liquid carbon dioxide

It's a Gas: 18 - The Greenhouse Effect

Great demonstration of how the greenhouse effect is warming up the earth.

It's a Gas: 19 - Hydrogen as Fuel

Explosive demonstration of the combustion of hydrogen.

It's a Gas: 20 - No combustion without oxygen

Trying to burn a balloon full of hydrogen.

It's a Gas: 21 - Hydrogen Rocket

Showing how hydrogen is used as a fuel in rockets.

It's a Gas: 22 - Hydrogen Powered Vehicles

Some futuristic vehicles which rely on hydrogen as a fuel.