A series of short videos of fun demonstrations about the chemistry of the gases in our atmosphere, taken from a lecture by Dr. Peter Wothers of the University of Cambridge.

It's a Gas: 23 - Catalysts

Catalysts make it easier to use hydrogen as a fuel.

It's a Gas: 24 - Propulsion of Rockets

What do we use to power rockets into space?

It's a Gas: 25 - Nitrogen

The properties of the most abundant gas in our atmosphere - nitrogen.

It's a Gas: 26 - Sausage Man in Pure Oxygen

What would happen if the only gas in the atmosphere was oxygen?!

It's a Gas: 27 - Explosive Nitrogen Triiodide

See what happens when you just touch nitrogen triiodide!

It's a Gas: 28 - Airbag Sodium Azide

Demonstration of how the airbags in our cars work.

It's a Gas: 29 - Combining Nitrogen and Oxygen

Demonstration of how nitrogen and oxygen can be combined in a thunderstorm!

It's a Gas: 30 - Tesla Coil

A Tesla Coil makes lightning in the lab!

It's a Gas: 31 - Ozone

Demonstrating the formation of ozone gas using a fishtank!

It's a Gas: 32 - The Noble Gases

The explosive conversion of solid into gas!