Stretch and challenge your students or help them prepare for the Chemistry Olympiad using these example questions with commentary and analysis

Questions from the Chemistry Olympiad may seem unfamiliar, daunting or even ‘impossible’ at first. Learn how to approach them, however, and they offer students a unique opportunity to test their knowledge, stretch their thinking and develop valuable problem-solving skills.

This support booklet is designed with two purposes in mind: to help and encourage ambitious post-16 chemistry students to do well in future Olympiad competitions; and to serve as a teaching resource for schools to stretch and challenge gifted students.

Inside the booklet, you will find:

  • Background information and guidance on the types of questions used in the Olympiad
  • Example questions from the Round 1 paper, representing a variety of topics and styles
  • Analysis and commentary describing the approach and steps required to answer each question

Additional resources

  • Explore our full collection of Olympiad past papers.
  • Build your students’ confidence using these worked answers. You’ll find guidance and explanatory notes relating to nine past questions, including an extended discussion of the ‘sherbet lemons’ question featured in the support booklet.