Posters on key chemistry topics to share with your students

A cartoon of different examples of evaporation in everyday life

Evaporation in action


Boost your 11–14 students’ knowledge and understanding with this poster, fact sheet and practical activity

An illustration of a heat pump, a rock and a piece of cake

Real-life contexts for thermodynamics


Use this infographic with your 16–18 students and get them working with thermochemistry, intermolecular forces and free energy

A full-frame, close-up image of a swirl of melted chocolate

The science of melting chocolate


Use this infographic with your 11–14 students to develop their knowledge of changes of state and their graphing skills

Illustrations showing the molecular structures of different allotropes of carbon

Allotropes of carbon


Use this infographic with your 14–16 classes to boost their knowledge of diamond, graphite, graphene and fullerenes