Conference week 2020

Our conference Supporting chemistry education – beyond lockdown has now finished. If you attended the conference and would like resources from any of the sessions, please get in touch.

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Conference week

Articles from our presenters

An illustration of a teacher showing a student where there is a hole in their map of chemistry knowledge

Interpretation and intervention skills: 6 ways to develop your assessment skills


Develop your questioning skills to help students successfully grasp concepts

An cartoon of a woman saving a girl who is falling down a hole

Mistakes, errors and misconceptions: 6 ways to develop your assessment skills


Learn how to use your subject knowledge to avoid learning errors

An illustration of students in a classroom discussion

Classroom assessment skills: 6 ways to develop your assessment literacy


Master this essential skill and develop a mental map of your subject in three easy steps

A photo of the hands of male and female scientists working together

Choosing to challenge


Women scientists hardly get a name check in science curriculums. It’s time to change that

A illustration of a teacher examining a test through a kaleidoscope

6 ways to develop your assessment skills


Master the essentials of assessment to maximise your students’ learning

An illustration of a woman shouting through a loud speaker surrounded by chemical formulas

Developing chemical common sense


Eliminate students’ silly mistakes with this advice from Kristy Turner

An image of organic chemical structures using balloons

4 ways to boost students’ understanding of organic chemistry


Alcohols, carboxylic acids and esters don’t have to be difficult – try these practical tips in your classroom

An overhead photo of people crossing the road in different directions

5 ways to explain rate and equilibrium


Help your students understand the synergy between rate and equilibrium and answer exam questions successfully

A photo of bottles of hand sanitiser

Being anti-racist in science education


Good intentions are not enough. We need to work to counter racism in science education

A sequence of three photos showing a titration experiment

5 ways to explain titration


From modelling to scaffolding, these tips will help students master this tricky topic

A photo of food and plastic packaging on a table

Packaging promise

By ,

From polymers to nanoparticles, the new technologies helping to reduce food and wrapper waste

An illustration showing a hare in a running shirt and a tortoise in a helmet ready for a race

Practicals: why you should take them slow


How a step-by-step approach to experiments can improve learning