Conference week 2020

Our conference Supporting chemistry education – beyond lockdown has now finished. If you attended the conference and would like resources from any of the sessions, please get in touch.

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Conference week

Articles from our presenters

An image showing the formation of chlorine by electrolysis, showing a petri dish and electrodes

5 ways to explain electrolysis


From building good foundations to memorising the rules, these tips will help your students grasp this tricky topic

An image showing two characters pondering at a path that tangles in the middle

What will be the consequences of coronavirus for teachers?


There are so many unknowns – not least when schools might resume a degree of normality

An image showing UV light sterilization of face mask to disinfect and reuse

Can UV light help tackle the coronavirus?


Engage students with some highly topical cross-curricular science

A graphic image showing white paper boats on a blue sea during a storm, with grey clouds and lightning bolts

Holiday in the time of Covid-19


How to use the long summer break to prepare for the new challenges of the next academic year


How to run a quiz for distance learning


Kristy Turner shares the structure for a lesson using a semi-live approach to quizzing

An image showing a close-up of a door with a sign saying: The building is closed. School is being held online due to coronavirus

I want to go back to school


Adam Boxer desperately wants to be back in this classroom with his students. He also knows it’s not safe yet

An illustration showing a student receiving feedback remotely

Giving successful remote feedback


How to ensure you feed back effectively when students are learning at home

An image showing remote teaching

Top tips to make the most of remote teaching technology


Teachers share their dos and don’ts of using Google and Microsoft remote offerings

An image showing multiple choice questions

How to use multiple choice questions


Learn how to design effective MCQs – and use them successfully

An image showing halogens

How to teach non-metals


Showcasing samples and gas tests are imperative when introducing non-metal elements to students

An image showing two colourful speech bubbles

School’s out, exams are off: what are educators thinking?


Join us as we eavesdrop on school teacher fellow Kristy Turner and HE lecturer Katherine Haxton as they discuss school closures, exams and motivation

An image showing a tangerine in the centre surrounded by tangerine segments to illustrate the concept of segmenting and sequencing in teaching

How to sequence and segment your teaching of ionic equations


Use this ionic compounds worksheet to sequence and segment your teaching effectively