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    Chemical weapon destruction takes float


    Nina Notman’s thoughts turn to the chemists preparing to destroy Syria’s chemical arsenal at sea

  • Water pouring into a drinking glass
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    From ground to tap


    Sue Thompson leads us through the journey water takes from underground to our drinking glass

  • Book cover - The big questions in science

    The big questions in science


    The quest to solve the great unknowns

  • Rain on grass
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    Trade secrets... making it rain


    Secrets of the trade: How can we control the weather so it rains where we need it to? Jonathan Hare investigates cloud seeding

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    The science of sorting


    Many of the UK's local authorities collect recyclable waste mixed together in the same bin. Mike Tingle discovers how differences in chemical and physical properties are used to separate a wide variety of materials

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    Radical changes in our atmosphere


    Dudley Shallcross and Tim Harrison explain how a breakthrough has allowed us to study Criegee biradicals, and what this could mean for atmospheric science

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    Challenging Plants: Fertilisers

    In association with

    Nutrients essential for plant growth are obtained naturally from soil or other growing media. However, supplies become depleted and fertilisers are needed to increase the availability of nutrients to plants. An understanding of chemical changes is used to making fertilisers, often designed to meet specific requirements such as particular nutrient ...

  • High on a glacier in north-east Norway...
    The Mole

    Adventurous science


    Experimentation and exploration go hand in hand as Zoë Fleming takes to the field in the Arctic

  • Cartoon of a bad smell over Franc

    A stench from the French


    Phillip Broadwith investigates a thiol that made the news

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    On This Day - Oct 29 : Cloud seeding

    Cloud seeding disperses substances such as dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) into the air to serve as nucleation particles around which water molecules condense. It is used to increase rain or snowfall, or in this case it was used to extinguish a forest fire.

  • Photosynthesis
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    Shining light on artificial photosynthesis


    Mimicking plant life could be our way out of the energy crisis. Anna Lewcock talks to Tony Harriman to find out more

  • Donna Palmer
    The Mole

    A day in the life of project manager: Donna Palmer


    Donna has spent the past three years working as a project manager at Pera. She talks to Rachel Bolton-King about her typical day