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    As sweet as? Detecting aspartame in a table-top sweetener

    Determine whether a table-top sweetener contains aspartame.

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    Making light of food allergies


    Treatment improves protein digestibility

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    NBC Learn: Chemistry Now

    This resource includes both videos and worksheets. The website makes links to everyday contexts in which chemistry is important. This material would provide enrichment to lessons using contemporary chemical examples.

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    Trade secrets... Curdling of soya milk


    Secrets of the trade: Jonathan Hare asks why soya milk tends to form hundreds of floating lumps when added to coffee

  • Water pouring into a drinking glass
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    From ground to tap


    Sue Thompson leads us through the journey water takes from underground to our drinking glass

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    Past secrets unearthed


    Akshat Rathi finds out how chemistry plays a central role in revealing how our ancestors once lived

  • Beetroot



    John Emsley looks at the element that has been essential to humanity since before the stone age

  • Mushrooms

    Deadly mushroom chemistry


    Can you tell the difference between a tasty paddy straw mushroom and a toxic death cap? Emma Shiells talks to the experts about the potentially deadly chemistry hidden in those gills

  • chocolate
    The Mole

    Chocolate’s champion chompability


    Tom Husband melts into the sumptuous chemistry of chocolate’s silky smooth texture

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    The cooking an egg using least energy challenge

    In Search of Solutions: Ready, steady, cook; chemistry style! Who can make the most efficient egg cooker? Linking to topics on energy, efficiency and insulation.

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    Salty crisps

    In Search of Solutions: Decide on the least salty crisps, chemically or otherwise! Linking to topics on dissolving, filtration, evaporation and health.

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    Quick jelly

    In Search of Solutions: Save time in the kitchen by finding the fastest way to dissolve jelly cubes. Linking to topics on rates of reaction and dissolving.

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    Just a can of cola?

    In Search of Solutions: Encourage students to think creatively, what properties can they measure of a can of cola? Linking to many topics, depending on the investigation, as well as scientific thinking and experimentation.

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    Apple browning

    In Search of Solutions: Let students explore the best methods to prevent fruit browning. Linking to topics on chemical preservatives and biological oxidation.

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    How much horse meat?


    It's a simple enough question, but the media, the public and even government officials are having trouble understanding just how much horse meat is in some processed food. Ian Farrell makes sense of the confusion

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    Detective work and food fraud


    How did horse meat remain undetected in the food chain for long enough to reach supermarket shelves? Ian Farrell investigates

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    Challenging Plants: Products from Plants

    In association with

    Plants can help us face the challenges facing Earth and its inhabitants by providing a vast array of useful products (food, fuels, fibres and feedstocks for example).

  • Bananas hanging on string in a shop
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    Trade secrets... Keeping fruit fresher for longer


    Secrets of the trade: Jonathan Hare investigates how to stop his bananas from going off

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    On This Day - Oct 21 : William Mitchell was born

    He invented food products such as Pop Rocks, instant Jell-O, Cool Whip and the orange drink, Tang. Whilst working for the General Foods Corporation, he received over 70 patents for his food product inventions.

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    On This Day - Nov 05 : 5000 year old beer

    It was found at Godin Tepe in the Zagros Mountains of Iran, an important fortress on the Silk Road. Researchers found evidence of wine from around the same period, but it is thought that beer was the most popular beverage in lower Mesopotamia at the time.