InfoChem was a supplement in Education in Chemistry magazine.

  • Working clay on a pottery wheel
    The Mole

    Clay Plastic Fantastic


    Nanotechnology is being applied to plastics to make conductive plastics, scratch resistant plastics and lighter plastics. Now clay could make plastics stronger and more flame retardant say Scientists at the State University of New York, US

  • Wooden legs of a pier
    The Mole

    Boring Gribbles


    Scientists may have found a way to stop gribbles boring into seaside piers

  • Snail escaping from a plate
    The Mole

    Snail Pie on the menu


    Are we missing out on a nutritous treat?

  • York Minster
    The Mole

    Stone-faced chemists


    Archeologists and chemists have teamed up to preserve York Minster

  • Dead wood
    The Mole

    Ionic really


    Could wood be our new biofuel?

  • A patient in a hospital
    The Mole

    Hospital coats


    Hospitals are a home for myriad microbes, but could researchers have a solution?

  • recycling on a curb
    The Mole

    Walk on waste


    With landfill sites filling fast, recycling is becoming increasingly important