Qualitative tests for organic functional groups | practical videos | 16–18 students

Test tubes marked A to F in a blue test tube holder; each one contains some clear liquid and is sealed with a bung

Video and supporting resources to support a practical investigation to identify organic functional groups using a range of qualitative tests

Apply a range of qualitative tests to identify organic functional groups in a set of unknown samples for learners on A-level and equivalent 16–18 courses. Additional resources include pause-and-think questions with answers, teacher notes, technician notes, intended outcomes and a follow-up worksheet.

Chapter titles: 00:10 Introduction to the investigation; 02:04 Test for carboxylic acid by adding a few drops of sodium hydrogen carbonate solution to each sample; 03:35 Test for an unsaturated hydrocarbon by adding 1 cm3 of bromine water to each sample; 05:26 Test for haloalkanes with ethanol and silver nitrate solution; 07:40 Test for alcohols with acidified potassium dichromate solution, microscale; 09:49 Test for carbonyl groups with Brady’s reagent (a solution of dinitrophenylhydrazine (2,4-DNPH)), microscale; 12:07 Test for aldehydes using Tollens’ reagent.

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