Electrochemical cells | practical videos | 16–18 students

A Petri dish set up for a microscale electrolysis experiment using samples of metal and a power supply

Video and supporting resources to support electrochemistry practical work, including two microscale experiments, animation and cell diagrams

Investigate electrochemical cells with two microscale experiments for learners on A-level and equivalent 16–18 courses. Additional resources including pause-and-think questions with answers, teacher notes, technician notes, intended outcomes and a follow-up worksheet are provided to support your teaching.

Chapter titles: 00:15 Introduction; 01:30 Electrochemical cell set-up (including animation); 02:15 Investigating redox reactions (microscale set-up); 03:23 Taking measurements; 04:09 Animation showing cells in microscale; 06:18 Cell diagrams; 07:43 Investigating concentration.

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