28 sudoku-style chemistry puzzles to help 11–14 year olds consolidate their understanding of key ideas, with printable worksheets and answers

Stimulate and challenge your students using these printable ‘gridlock’ puzzles based on sudoku. From common compounds to the periodic table, each puzzle focuses on a particular topic suitable for 11–14 year olds. Students begin by reviewing relationships between key chemical ideas and data, before using this information to complete a series of grids according to the rules provided.

Download the puzzles

Download and print the puzzles below. Each PDF features a series of gridlock puzzles based on a specific topic, with a printable student worksheet and answers.

How do the puzzles work?

To find out more about the rules and how you can use the puzzles in your teaching, see the Gridlocks overview.


Gridlocks: 101 printable chemistry puzzles