Strengthen your students’ understanding of the components of our atmosphere

This resource accompanies the Education in Chemistry article The breath of life, where you can learn about the chemical reactions which produce oxygen in emergency situations.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify atoms, molecules, elements and compounds using particle diagrams.
  2. Use particle diagrams to classify a substance as an element or compound and as molecules or atoms.
  • Composite image showing screenshots of the resources for atoms, molecules and compounds.

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    Quiz, for age range 11–14

    Use this quiz to reinforce learning about the subtle differences between atoms, molecules, elements and compounds.

    Download the quiz as MS PowerPoint or pdf, the student worksheet as MS Word or pdf and the teacher notes as MS Word or pdf.

How to use

This quiz has been designed to allow students to apply their knowledge of atoms, molecules, elements and compounds to solidify their understanding. The resource can be used to identify misconceptions, for retrieval practice after topic completion and as revision before an assessment. Also use this quiz while teaching Earth’s atmosphere to deepen learners’ understanding of atmospheric gases.

You can display the questions in the PowerPoint on a screen or copy and paste them into an interactive quizzing tool. Mini whiteboards would be an ideal way to give quick whole class feedback and self-assessment will allow pupils to reflect on their understanding. Alternatively, you may want to print the student sheet for pupils to work at their own pace.

Use the suggested questions to start discussions about the differences between atoms, molecules, elements and compounds. Differentiation could also be achieved through questioning via modelling. You could use Molymod or plasticine molecules as support materials for classes that need a further visual aid.

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