Quiz your students on their organic chemistry knowledge and problem solving skills

The topics covered in this Starter for ten activity are: functional groups, nomenclature, formulae, isomerism, mechanisms and curly arrows, electrophiles and nucleophiles, fractional distillation and cracking, air pollution, greenhouse effect, alkanes, free-radical mechanisms, ozone layer, electrophilic additions, polymers from alkenes, substitution reactions, haloalkanes - substitution vs elimination, alcohols, alcohols as intermediates, oxidation of alcohols, biofuels and synthetic schemes. 

Example questions

In each of the speech bubbles write the general name for the functional group ringed. (In the structures below the rings are shown in a ’skeletal’ form. Where you can see a corner then there is a carbon with the appropriate number of hydrogens).

Organic chemistry image 1

8. Considering the limonene molecule given above.

(a) Draw the displayed formula

(b) Calculate the molecular formula

(c) Deduce the empirical formula

Group the following functional groups into prefixes (where the functional group goes before the naming stem) and suffixes (goes after the naming stem).

Organic chemistry image 2


A full version of the question and answer sheet is available from the ‘Downloads’ section below. An editable version is also available.