Qiuz your students on trends in the periodic table

The topics covered in Starter for ten activity are: group 3 trends – melting points, ionisation energies and atomic radius; group 2 and group 7. 

Example questions

Periodic table image 1

  1. Fill in the table above to show how melting point changes across Period 3 according to bonding type.
  2. Explain the differences in melting point between the following pairs of elements

(a) Magnesium and aluminium

(b) Phosphorus and sulfur

Periodic table image 2

  1. The diagram shows the trend in 1st ionisation energy across the Period 3 elements. Complete the diagram giving the explanations for the trends seen.
  2. Define the term 1st ionisation enthalpy and illustrate with an equation.


The full resource, containing questions and answers, is available from the ‘Downloads’ section below. An editable version is also available. 

Starters for 10: Advanced level 1 (16–18)