A question and answer sheet to test learner’s knowledge of periodocity

The topics covered in this Starter for ten activity are: period 3 oxides summary, reactions of period 3 oxides, and structure and bonding in period 3 oxides.

Example questions

Complete the diagram showing the formulae of the period 3 oxides, their pH in water, the nature of the oxide and the species present in the solution.

Periodicity image 1

Write balanced equations for the following reactions illustrating the reactions of period 3 oxides with water, acids and bases.

  1. Phosphorus oxide with water
  2. Sulfur dioxide with water
  3. Sulfur trioxide with water
  4. Sodium oxide with hydrochloric acid
  5. Magnesium oxide with sulphuric acid
  6. Aluminium oxide with sulphuric acid
  7. Aluminium oxide with sodium hydroxide
  8. Silicon dioxide with sodium hydroxide
  9. Phosphorus oxide with sodium hydroxide
  10. Sulfur dioxide with sodium carbonate


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