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    On This Day – Jul 08 : Jason Cardelli detection

    Interstellar space refers to the areas between star systems within a galaxy. It varies hugely in composition, and contains atomic, molecular and ionic particles as well as cosmic radiation. Cardelli used spectroscopy and the scattered-light characteristics to identify the elements within.

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    On This Day – Aug 07 : Atmosphere of Mars

    American chemist George Pimentel pioneered the development of rapid-scan infrared spectroscopy techniques. He designed the spectrometer for the Mariner spacecraft that explored Mars in 1969, which detected the compounds. He highly suspected that life had existed on Mars but there has been no such proof.

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    Chemical Bonding


    A masterclass in teaching the topic of bonding, basing chemical explanation on physical forces

  • The milky way viewed from the earth
    The Mole

    Alien planets


    Last November’s discovery of an alien planet in the Milky Way will provide scientists and astronomers with a wealth of new information

  • An astronaut in space
    The Mole

    Free fall: could you parachute to Earth from space?


    On screen chemistry with Jonathan Hare