An image showing a recyclable battery

New power, old batteries

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Closing the loop in lithium-ion battery recycling from electric cars

Education in Chemistry

An image showing pupils sitting an exam

Strategies for six-mark questions


Get your students practising answering these within the time limit

An image showing conical flasks with padlocks

Escape the classroom – again


Six more puzzles to challenge and enthuse your students

A photograph showing an ordered desk

Improve executive function skills for all


Develop students’ organisational skills to help them get everyday tasks done efficiently

  • Cracking!

  • Bright sparks

  • The blueprint reaction

  • The glow stick reaction

  • Oscillating magic?

An image showing a scientist looking up at molecular structure

Be forceful with chemical bonding


Help your students understand chemical bonding with force-based models

An illustration showing the use of a scaffolding to cross a bridge

Enhance explanations of intermolecular forces


How small prompts can result in big leaps in student understanding

Illustration of a balanced set of scales with test tubes on one side (representing practical chemistry) being weighed against computer (theoretical) learning

Which is best: practical or simulation?


Students interact with practicals and simulations differently, but does one approach come with better learning outcomes?

An image showing a student who is sat very close to a computer screen; a molecular structure is on the display, which reflects on his safety spectacles

Animations boost learning


And reduce cognitive load

An image showing cogwheels in a woman's head

Metacognitive motivation


How it can positively influence students’ beliefs in their own abilities

A photograph showing Marie Sklodowka Curie in her laboratory

Make time for science’s horrible history


Delve into science’s horrible history with your students

An image showing a rabbit looking at a rabbit hole

Adventures in curriculum reform


Has Successful futures got a successful future with teachers in Wales?

An illustration of a proud technician

Perfect harmony


Technicians telling it how it is: relationship building

An image showing flashcards

Why you need to teach literacy to teach dist-ill-a-tion


Students need to learn the language of science to make progress in chemistry

An image showing a health and safety manual on which someone scribbled 'exciting? no!). There are also safety goggles, ear defenders and the edge of a helmet visible

Can health and safety training ever be sexy?

By James Gaynor, David Donaghy

Maybe not, but it’s vital

  • Why you should teach the history of the periodic table

  • Measuring energy changes

  • Applying practical knowledge to unfamiliar contexts

  • The periodic table

  • Atoms, molecules and ions


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Education in Chemistry, September 2019, cover

November 2019
Measuring energy changes, lifecycle assessment, teaching the periodic table

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Chemical formula showing wood being used to produce ethanol using a catalyst

Making ethanol from lignin

A new method can produce ethanol from rewnable lignin and carbon dioxide

An image showing Participants in the Sutton Trust Summer School for Year 12

Bettering partnerships between schools and universities

How HE and secondary can work together to help students succeed

An image showing a silkworm

How silkworms can help astronauts

Silk fibres stay tough and ductile even at low temperatures, making them potentially perfect for space 

An image showing a smartphone device detecting a norovirus

Smartphones modified to detect norovirus

Handheld detection system is sensitive enough to catch just a few particles of norovirus