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How to teach chemical energetics


Exothermic reactions go beyond simply combustion – use these tips to boost student understanding of energy transfer

Education in Chemistry

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Encourage pupils to examine the evidence


How to structure lessons to get your students to look at ‘the science’ and pick out supporting reasons

An image showing pH indicators

Escape the classroom: and explore colour change reactions


In this escape room article, students explore colour change reactions to reveal hidden codes

An image showing the formation of chlorine by electrolysis, showing a petri dish and electrodes

5 ways to explain electrolysis


From building good foundations to memorising the rules, these tips will help your students grasp this tricky topic

  • When life gives you lemons (or oranges)

  • Don’t go breakin’ (down) my (love) heart

  • Fire stopper

  • Avogadro in action

  • Cracking!

An image showing a picture of a writing feather versus a modern computer

Learning organic mechanisms – does technology help?


Are chemistry learning applications really worthwhile?

An image showing pupils collaborating

Making effective use of collaborative learning


Get group tasks right and boost student learning

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Starting university during a pandemic


What awaits this year’s cohort of undergraduate chemistry students?

An image showing two characters pondering at a path that tangles in the middle

What will be the consequences of coronavirus for teachers?


There are so many unknowns – not least when schools might resume a degree of normality

An image showing pupils during their break

Playtime with the technicians


Telling it like it is: technicians on extra duties outside the prep room

  • How to teach chemical energetics

  • How to make effective use of pre-recorded lessons

  • Taking a week-by-week approach to remote teaching

  • Using investigations to engage your 11–14 students

  • How to use a slide show for a live lesson

An image showing a C-H bond activation

Breaking the carbon–hydrogen bond

A new photocatalyst that can act on small alkane hydrocarbons is a rare example of directly using natural gases as reagents

An image showing a student in a virtual space

The future for EdTech

Will it return to the classroom with us?

An image showing a person crying, sitting on top of a page saying CANCELLED

Gauging exam grades 2020

Weighing up the pros and cons of this year’s exam assessment systems

Planet Earth in space with the sun peeping out from behind it

Yeast thriving in hydrogen

Microorganisms growing in 100% hydrogen show that life could exist on exoplanets

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