An image showing Lee Goodwin in a lab at contract research organistion Covance

‘Science doesn’t always work in the way you expect it to’


Meet Lee Goodwin, a bioanalytical chemist who helps unpick what our bodies do with the drugs they are given, such as antivirals as treatment for Covid-19

Education in Chemistry

An image showing the formation of chlorine by electrolysis, showing a petri dish and electrodes

5 ways to explain electrolysis


From building good foundations to memorising the rules, these tips will help your students grasp this tricky topic

An graphic image showing two small figures, one holding a large magnifying glass over a large test tube, with the second figure pointing at it

How to use a visualiser for successful lessons


From zooming in on chemical phenomena to explaining marking schemes, try these teacher-tested approaches

An image showing a teacher looking at a plan

How to use hinge point questions effectively


They can help both you and your students learn – but what are hinge questions, and when should you ask them?

  • When life gives you lemons (or oranges)

  • Don’t go breakin’ (down) my (love) heart

  • Fire stopper

  • Avogadro in action

  • Cracking!

An image showing a picture of a writing feather versus a modern computer

Learning organic mechanisms – does technology help?


Are chemistry learning applications really worthwhile?

An image showing pupils collaborating

Making effective use of collaborative learning


Get group tasks right and boost student learning

An image showing red curly arrows randomly on a dark background

Mastering organic chemistry reactions


Try these tools and tips for teaching electron pushing

An image showing two characters pondering at a path that tangles in the middle

What will be the consequences of coronavirus for teachers?


There are so many unknowns – not least when schools might resume a degree of normality

An image showing pupils during their break

Playtime with the technicians


Telling it like it is: technicians on extra duties outside the prep room

An image showing a close-up of a door with a sign saying: The building is closed. School is being held online due to coronavirus

I want to go back to school


Adam Boxer desperately wants to be back in this classroom with his students. He also knows it’s not safe yet

  • Starting university during a pandemic

  • How to make effective use of pre-recorded lessons

  • Taking a week-by-week approach to remote teaching

  • Using investigations to engage your 11–14 students

  • How to use a slide show for a live lesson

An image showing a person crying, sitting on top of a page saying CANCELLED

Gauging exam grades 2020

Weighing up the pros and cons of this year’s exam assessment systems

Planet Earth in space with the sun peeping out from behind it

Yeast thriving in hydrogen

Microorganisms growing in 100% hydrogen show that life could exist on exoplanets

Multicoloured building blocks

How to build a record-breaking carbohydrate

Download this slide and delve into the topic of synthetic and naturally occurring polymers; exploring sugar chemistry and organic compounds with your class

White benzene ring on background of red cherries

Shed light on benzene reactivity in fizzy drinks

Downloadable slide on the organic chemistry in cherry-flavoured soft drinks for your class

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