Lots of colourful hands reaching up

10 effective questioning techniques


A fresh look at how to manage pupils’ responses to questions

Education in Chemistry

Lots of colourful hands reaching up

10 effective questioning techniques


A fresh look at how to manage pupils’ responses to questions

An image showing different opinions

Curb colleague conflict


What should a head of department do when conflict flares between colleagues?

An unrealistic image showing scary chemicals

Confronting fears in the lab


Practical work can scare pupils. Here’s how to overcome their worries

  • Avogadro in action

  • Cracking!

  • Bright sparks

  • The blueprint reaction

  • The glow stick reaction

An image showing multiple representations of a cat

Choose chemical representations carefully


How the combination of representations you use impacts your students’ learning

An image showing a scientist looking up at molecular structure

Be forceful with chemical bonding


Help your students understand chemical bonding with force-based models

An illustration showing the use of a scaffolding to cross a bridge

Enhance explanations of intermolecular forces


How small prompts can result in big leaps in student understanding

Illustration of a balanced set of scales with test tubes on one side (representing practical chemistry) being weighed against computer (theoretical) learning

Which is best: practical or simulation?


Students interact with practicals and simulations differently, but does one approach come with better learning outcomes?

An image showing a student who is sat very close to a computer screen; a molecular structure is on the display, which reflects on his safety spectacles

Animations boost learning


And reduce cognitive load

A graphic image showing four salespeople around a desk, one pointing at a graph

How to sell your subject to your students

Why teachers should think of themselves as salespeople

An illustration showing a grumpy female student writing at a desk, on a yellow background

In pursuit of discomfort


Why it’s a good thing when your students don’t like you much

An image showing chocolate gold coins

Technicians talk careers


Technicians telling it how it is: career progression opportunities

A photograph showing Marie Sklodowka Curie in her laboratory

Make time for science’s horrible history


Delve into science’s horrible history with your students

An image showing a rabbit looking at a rabbit hole

Adventures in curriculum reform


Has Successful futures got a successful future with teachers in Wales?

  • The extraction of metals

  • Why you should teach the history of the periodic table

  • Measuring energy changes

  • Applying practical knowledge to unfamiliar contexts

  • The periodic table

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Education in Chemistry, September 2019, cover

November 2019
Measuring energy changes, lifecycle assessment, teaching the periodic table

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A graphic image showing a DNA spiral around a pile of books to symbolise a foundation in science (chemistry) learning

Getting a strong foundation in chemistry

Do post-16 qualifications adequately prepare students for the challenges of university chemistry?

Cartoon black and yellow battery on red background with lightening symbol

A step closer to post-lithium energy storage

Calcium batteries could be viable thanks to a new electrolyte

An image showing an algae

Algae produce synthetic chemicals

Surprise discovery as research shows trihalogenated anilines make synthetic chemicals

Chemical formula showing wood being used to produce ethanol using a catalyst

Making ethanol from lignin

A new method can produce ethanol from rewnable lignin and carbon dioxide