Sparks inside a burner

Iron: fuel of the future?


Investigating whether iron powder could fill the energy gaps left by batteries and renewable energy

Education in Chemistry

Photograph of Education in Chemistry magazine. Image text: receive a free bimonthly copy of EiC when you register for Teach Chemistry

A bush in the shape of a number 15

Sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems


From synthesising ammonia to keeping your school laboratory green, here’s how to link UN sustainable development goal 15 to your teaching

Number 8 made of safety hats

Give context to your teaching of biofuels


Use these tips and activities to link UN sustainable development goal 8 to lessons on fermentation and bioethanol

A cartoon of brain people pulling suitcases on wheels leaving a city

3 key skills your post-16 chemists need for university


How to help your students make the transition to higher education more smoothly

  • Dynamite soap: The combustion of stoichiometric hydrogen–oxygen mixtures

  • Demonstrating the diffusion of ammonia and hydrogen chloride

  • The gallium beating heart

  • Pyrophoric silanes

  • The screaming jelly baby

An illustration of a person upside down with objects falling out of his head

Understanding why chemistry is important boosts results


Use simple interventions to help students work out the real-life reasons why it is important to study chemistry

An ordinary young man with a superhero shaped shadow

What affects students’ self-assessment skills?


A study investigating students’ self-assessed understanding has implications for your practice

An illustration of a molecular model of iodine pentafluoride showing the Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR)

5 tips for teaching VSEPR theory

By , Nicola Kiernan

Use the latest research to help your students form correct mental images when predicting molecular geometries

An illustration of a teacher solving a puzzle of her students

Chipping in with transition

By ,

What classroom teachers can do to support new secondary students

A digital illustration of a compass with a Welsh flag

Why I love the Curriculum for Wales 2022


Learn why one teacher is fully embracing the journey to realise the new curriculum in Wales

An illustration of a compass with the Welsh flag in the centre

Pam rydw i’n caru’r Cwricwlwm i Gymru 2022


Dysgwch pam mae un athrawes yn croesawu’r daith i wireddu’r cwricwlwm newydd yng Nghymru

  • Teaching rates of reaction post-16: part 2

  • Teaching observation skills at 11–14

  • Teaching rates of reaction post-16

  • How to teach controlled variable investigations at 11–14

  • Teaching acids and bases post-16

A paper watch with a digital display

This smartwatch will self-destruct

Delve into the dissolving device making recycling easier

Close of gloved hands cleaning an old painting

Graphene veil prevents fading

Atomically-thin graphene lattices are being used as a barrier against ageing

A black and white photo of a traffic jam in London in the 1970s

Leaded petrol still poisoning London’s air

20 years after it was banned, leaded petrol remains a significant contributor to air pollution in the UK’s capital

Silhouettes of E coli swirling around a crushed plastic bottle

How microbes convert waste plastic bottles into vanillin

Show students how chemistry is upcycling plastic monomers into higher value alternative products

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