Practical resources

Resources and inspiration for practical work and demonstrations. See our standard health and safety guidance.

Practical videos

Conical flask with calcium carbonate chips on mass balance

Practical videos | 14–16 years

Videos of core practical experiments for flipped learning, remote teaching or revision

The hand of a teacher in a lab coat gestures towards a Liebig condenser used for distillation

Practical videos | 16–18 years

Videos of key practical techniques and apparatus for revision, flipped learning or remote teaching


Support practical chemistry with new ways to explore experimental work

Aspirin screen experiment

Aspirin screen experiment

Get students aged 16–18 running their own organic synthesis on a computer or tablet before taking part in the real thing. This resource also features an in-depth practical guide and a set of worksheets covering the theory.

Titration screen experiment

Titration screen experiment

Give students the opportunity to conduct their own titration experiment on a computer or tablet. This resource also includes a redox titration experiment.

Spectacular demonstrations

A glass beaker pouring liquid uphill into another

Illustrate polymer properties with a self-siphoning solution

Demonstrate the tubeless siphon with poly(ethylene glycol) and highlight the polymer’s viscoelasticity to your 11–16 learners

A photo of a test tube of a clear liquid containing with brown-edged blue liquid blobs. The test tube is also submerged in a clear liquid.

Demonstrate concentration and density with a transition metal colloid cell

Boost 11–14 learners’ understanding of diffusion and transition metal chemistry

Engaging hands-on group activities, adaptable for all ages and fully resourced

  • Measuring vitamin C in food

  • The art of crystallisation

  • Water and hydrogels

  • Chemistry in sport

  • Mission starlight

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