Post-lockdown teaching support

Ideas and resources for heading back to the classroom during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic

Masks and handwashing

A photo of a highschool student in a face mask using hand sanitizer

4 strategies to get students to follow hygiene rules in school


Why a positive approach helps students follow the rules: practical tips for encouraging your students to better follow mask and handwashing rules during the Covid-19 pandemic

Re-engage your students

An illustration showing a student riding an elephant across a tightrope

Locked-out learners


How to get students back into learning

A photo of a woman planning her route up an indoor rock climbing wall

How to successfully support disengaged learners


An effective three-stage strategy to motivate students as they return to the classroom

An image showing a student jumping over books

6 ways to motivate students while teaching remotely


Ideas to keep pupils motivated and engaged while learning remotely

Teach from the front

A photo of a teacher in front of a class of young students with their arms raised and tablet computers

Teaching from two metres


Try these strategies and tools for socially distanced classroom teaching

Lots of colourful hands reaching up

10 effective questioning techniques


A fresh look at how to manage pupils’ responses to questions

An illustration of a teacher sending ideas to a student at the back of the class

Classroom questions: cold calling, the back row and key concepts

Experts answer questions about key concepts, socially distanced teaching and assessing understanding from trainee, newly qualified and early career teachers

Diagnose gaps in learning

A graphic image showing a male teacher holding a clipboard and assessing the knowledge of a female pupil, using a jigsaw analogy

Understand what your pupils understand


Diagnose your students’ strengths and weaknesses

Rainbow coloured question marks

Diagnostic tests for better teaching


Benchmarking students’ ability allows tailored teaching

An image showing a teacher directing learning

How to write questions for formative assessment


It’ll boost your students’ motivation and build their independence

Trainee teachers: carry on training

An image of a man jumping a hurdle

Trainee teachers: how to learn to teach during lockdown


5 tips for continuing your ITT during the coronavirus crisis

A photo of a desk with stationary and a tablet computer

Classroom questions: advice for new teachers


Experts answer questions about planning, pandemics and practicals from trainee, newly qualified and early career teachers

Student and teacher well-being

Technology tips

  • How to use a visualiser for successful lessons

  • Creating flipped videos

  • 5 teaching technologies to improve socially-distanced learning

  • 5 smart tips for using Google Classroom with your classes

  • Classroom questions: making chemistry accessible to all and remote teaching

  • Top tips to make the most of remote teaching technology

Practical work

Whether you're using microscale experiments to use less equipment, or videos and simulations to refresh practical skills, you'll find resources to support you here.

CLEAPSS and SSERC guidance

Specialist guidance on how to safely carry out practical work

An image of the CLEAPSS logo

CLEAPSS guide to doing practical work during the Covid-19 pandemic


Learn more about practical guidance from CLEAPSS for this school year

An image of the SSERC logo

SSERC guidance on practical work and Covid-19


Read more about SSERC’s guidance on practical work during the Covid-19 pandemic

An illustration: yellow background, workbench with colourful practical chemistry equipment such as test tubes, flasks and clamps

How to teach practical chemistry remotely


Ideas for keeping up students’ practical skills while schools are closed

An image showing on-screen simulations

Use on-screen simulations to successfully boost data skills


Perfect for remote teaching, but they’ve a role in classroom settings too