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    Making biodiesel

    The Learning about materials resources collection presents educational resources about materials in the form of teacher’s notes and photocopiable worksheets. This resource contains instructions for practical work on a) making a biodiesel and b) comparing it to fossil diesel, as well as a comprehension exercise, and a team exercise.

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    The lignin challenge


    Elinor Hughes investigates how scientists are hoping to use biomass waste to produce valuable chemicals

  • painkillers from yeast

    Yeast makes painkillers from sugar


    Biotech breakthrough could cut production costs

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    The Mole

    Waste not, want not


    Elinor Hughes investigates some of the latest developments in recycling food waste 

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    The chemistry of energy: case study

    In association with

    This resource is a group case study which guides students through some of the key chemical aspects of power generation, the distribution of energy and the relationship between science and policy. It’s a contextualised introduction to the application of several key chemical concepts such as thermodynamics to real world situations. ...

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    Future Cities project

    This problem-based case study sets chemistry within the ‘real’ context of a sustainable development project. This activity is designed so that all students are not working on exactly the same project with exactly the same data. Dynamic elements are introduced at three stages.

  • Rows of solar panels in a field

    Solar Fuels and Artificial Photosynthesis

    A variety of infographics (diagrams) explaining photosynthesis, artificial photosynthesis, and the production and uses of solar fuels.

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    Improving rare earth separation


    Photochemistry selectively removes europium from red lamp phosphor

  • An African farmer holding corn crop
    The Mole

    Achieving food security for Africa


    Isobel Hogg explores a farming technique that has increased food supplies for thousands of African farmers and their families

  • Depiction of a solar cell powering a music player

    Solar technology

    In association with The Solar Spark at the University of Edinburgh

    Find out about the kind of solar cells we use and how they are made with videos from The Solar Spark at the University of Edinburgh.

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    Dutch roads smarten up


    Nina Notman explores the possibility of interactive, sustainable highways

  • Dissolving dress
    The Mole

    When chemistry and art collide


    From disappearing bottles to catalytic clothing: Josh Howgego investigates how a scientist–artist duo is starting conversations about society’s future

  • Man installing solar panels

    Panels for pupils


    Installing solar panels in a school − or at least building your own mock-ups − isn’t as difficult as you might think, finds Josh Howgego

  • Christmas tree

    Terpenes: not just for Christmas


    The chemicals that give Christmas trees their pine fresh smell could be at the centre of a chemical revolution, as Josh Howgego explains

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    The Great Recovery

    The Great Recovery is an RSA project launched in September 2012 supported by Technology Strategy Board and key industrial players.

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    The science of sorting


    Many of the UK's local authorities collect recyclable waste mixed together in the same bin. Mike Tingle discovers how differences in chemical and physical properties are used to separate a wide variety of materials

  • Scientist in a lab showing a model of a conducting polymer

    Faces of Chemistry: solarcasts

    In association with The Solar Spark at the University of Edinburgh

    Find out more about ground-breaking solar technology in this series of interviews with researchers from The Solar Spark.

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    Ri Christmas Lectures® 2012: Climate Change

    A resource on Climate Change and the Hydrogen Economy, supported by video clips from the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures ® 2012. Video: The Hydrogen Economy - Energy from Water? video Video: The Hydrogen Economy - Splitting Water with a ...

  • Outline of India in colours of flag with wind turbines and solar panels on top

    The impact of solar power

    In association with The Solar Spark at the University of Edinburgh

    Think about the benefits of solar power and the impact it can have on people’s lives.

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    Energy Card Sort

    In association with The Solar Spark at the University of Edinburgh

    Sort solar energy themed cards into groups and work out the connections between those in the group.